Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Bringing Home Our Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Bones!

For my 25th birthday, my amazing boyfriend got me a Pembroke Welsh Corgi, our very first dog.  Finding him was a bit difficult, especially with Corgis being so popular.  After a 2 hour drive, we met our little guy and got to see his parents.  We fell in love with the little guy right away, I mean who wouldn't love that face!!!  Making sure you read up on the breed and what to expect when owning a puppy is extremely important, so make sure you're well informed before buying or adopting!

Bones was amazing the entire trip home, and slept most the way with no problems (something I was a little concerned about).  We then took him shopping for all his basic needs at our local store, Super Pets (great store!)
  • food and water bowl
  • Food - Natural Balance
  • Treats
  • Brush for puppy
  • collar
  • leash
  • poo baggies
  • weewee pads
  • crate
  • bed
  • doggy shampoo
  • cleaner for accidents
After shopping we went to a BBQ! This turned out well for us, but I wouldn't recommend it for all dogs.  Bones did not like all the people petting him and went back to his "place" on the tile to stay cool and away from all the people.

During the BBQ I took him outside several times so he could do his business, praising him when he did.  Papa held him in the car ride home late at night, and we set up his crate for bedtime.  He was so tired he KO'd and slept the entire night.