Tuesday, December 31, 2013


My humans were thinking of breeding me, but after deciding that it was too big of a commitment and responsibility, they decided they wouldn't be able to breed me and I would need to be neutered.

I got dropped off at the vet first thing in the morning when they opened. Mom and dad were worried sick, but the procedure went smoothly and I was ready to go home in the early afternoon.  I was very groggy when mom picked me up from the vet, but I was lucid and happy to see her.  I even drank water and ate a little bit of food that same evening :) but there was lots of sleeping and petting. 

I do not appreciate this darned contraption!  But mommy pet me all night long and daddy fed me bits of food and treats.  I also got a warm compress on my nether-regions which was very soothing.

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