Saturday, July 13, 2013

Puppy's First Week Home - Training and Tricks

Thank goodness corgis are smart!  Bones is learning "sit", "stay", and "drop it".  Treats are a great motivator and so is playtime.  We both make sure to train him, and spend several minutes a few times a day practicing these commands.

Leash Training


We're working on teaching Bones to be polite by making him sit before we allow him to eat the food that's been put down for him.  I've also invaded his space and put my hand and face in his bowl to make sure he doesn't get possessive of his bowl.  I found this great YouTube channel for training your dog and it's working like a charm on Bones.  He's sitting for longer and longer periods of time and we're working on "stay".

"Drop It"

"Drop it" has been the easiest command and something he picked up right away, mainly because he wants to continue playing ball.  I say it each time he retrieves the ball, that way he'll eventually recognize the command and use it for any object.

~With enough consistency, repetition, and treats, Bones will be our perfect little gentleman.~

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